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A+ Content on Amazon

What is Amazon A+

In order to offer merchants the possibility to present their brand and products even better and to convey content visually, Amazon has developed the A+ Content. This allows additional images and text to be added to the product description. This allows products to be described in even more detail and certain functions to be explained in more detail. The focus here is on visual content. In order to use this feature, sellers must have registered their brand with Amazon; vendors receive this option automatically.

What are the benefits of having A+ content?

  • Higher conversion rate: A+ content is a good way to convince your customers even better of your products. This increases your conversion rate.
  • Lower rate of returns: Additional information and images help customers better understand the product, making returns less likely.
  • Better reviews: More information and better buying decisions lead to happier customers, which will also affect reviews.
  • Strong customer loyalty: With another visual touchpoint, you can make your brand stand out more. Expressive images can create a bond between brand and customer. This emotionalization is especially important when the product is comparatively expensive.

What is the best way to use A+ content?

1. present the USP of your products
Content marketing is about putting the advantages of the product in the foreground. With the help of additional images, the USPs can be highlighted and presented in a way that is directly recognizable and appealing to the customer. 
2. highlight product details that are relevant for decision-making
Particularly in the case of expensive purchases, potential customers want to make their purchase decision on the basis of the most comprehensive information possible. To make this decision easier for them, you can highlight the decisive details in the A+ content.
3. answer frequently asked questions from your customers 
A+ content is the perfect place to answer common questions in a visual and engaging way.
4. make your content easier to understand
This is particularly relevant for products that perform multiple complex functions or are not products that are used frequently in everyday life.
5. build brand story
Finally, an appealing brand story can influence the purchase decision. A good brand story underlines the values behind your brand and gives the buyer a closer connection to the respective product. Most importantly, it can help you stand out strongly from competitors who don't offer A+ content. Sellers without a custom brand story are less able to build trust and customer loyalty than sellers who use one. It makes the buying experience more personal and authentic for the customer. Because the buyer is no longer "just" buying a product, they are buying your brand with your individual story behind it. That's why it's also important to build this content as authentically and credibly as possible.
On many channels, content marketing has been a natural communication strategy for years to reach the target group with valuable and relevant content and to accompany them on the entire customer journey. That's why you shouldn't neglect this on Amazon either and start to convey your own and personal content.

Table of contents


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