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Amazon Brand Story: Everything you need to know about the brand story on Amazon.

You want to bring your brand closer to potential customers and show what makes your brand unique? Then the Amazon brand story is just the right thing. The brand story is an absolute eye-catcher due to the large banner that is displayed above the extended product information on the product detail page. In addition to building trust with potential customers, the clear goal of cross-selling is achieved through the ability to link to additional products. Additional information about the brand and appealing visual content not only differentiates the brand from no-name products and competitors, but also ensures a better understanding of the brand at the same time. The individually selectable modules contain team pictures, texts, short Q&As or links to products or the own Amazon Store.

The brand story is created in Amazon Seller Central via the A+ content manager and can be applied to individual products as well as the entire product range.

Create brand story

Creation brand hero: image with logo

The creation of the brand story begins with the "brand hero". This module can be understood as the background image of the brand story. Therefore, when creating this module, make sure that the brand logo or already placed texts are well readable in the respective basic position.

Desktop version:
  • Layout size at least: 1464px x 625px

Result: Desktop view
Mobile version:
  • Layout size at least: 463px x 625px

In the mobile view, it was also recommended to place an arrow. This alerts the user that there are more modules and encourages them to swipe through the brand story.

Result: Mobile view

The selection of modules

In the next step you can choose between four modules:

  • "Brand card: questions"
  • "Brand Card: Info"
  • "Brand Card: Media Asset"
  • "Brand Map: 4 ASINs"

1. "Brand card: Questions"

This module is similar to a short Q&A. Here you can answer up to three questions about the brand. You can choose between four predefined questions or create your own custom questions. However, you should keep your questions short. You have a total of 600 characters for the entire brand card block.

Brand card: Questions
2. "Brand Card: Info"

The info module offers the possibility to combine image and text in one block. For example, you can place the brand logo or a team image here. Please note that the minimum image size of 315px x 145px must be observed. In the accompanying text you can summarize the most important information about your brand. The maximum number of characters to be placed here is 450.

Brand card: Info
3. "Brand card: Media asset"

Of all the four modules, the media asset probably offers the greatest scope for design. Here you can place images or graphics that take up the entire module. This gives you the opportunity to create content in your corporate design and integrate it into the brand story. You can also add a headline and description to this image content. This text content will extend across the bottom of your image in the final view.

Brand card: Media asset

4. "Brand Map: 4 ASINs"

With the last module you can link to a total of four products of your assortment and your Amazon Store. When entering the selected ASINs, Amazon automatically places the respective main image in the product tile. Additionally, you have the possibility to create custom images for the 4 ASINs. You can easily upload them in a minimum size of 166px x 182px and add suitable image keywords.

Tip: If you have an extensive product range, it is a good idea to place several brand cards one after the other to better structure the range for the viewer. In addition, you can link to the appropriate subpage of your Amazon store for each brand card.

Brand card: 4 ASINs
In process

Do you have more questions about brand history?

Feel free to contact our content team leader Romea Nass.  


Table of contents


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