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1.performance of advertised products

Amazon introduces the new product page in the Campaign Manager within the Advertising Console. The new product page displays all promoted products in one place with associated KPIs such as impressions, clicks, sales and ROAS, summarized at campaign and ad group level. Sellers can also view product-level performance in more detail and receive recommendations for improving listings. In addition, sellers can select a product or product group on this page and add it to an existing campaign or create new ones.

Until now, you could only see the performance at ASIN level through reports or external tools such as Sellerboard. This insight makes life easier for many sellers and allows a more precise strategy alignment per product. Especially for products that have a small margin to show such an evaluation can be worth its weight in gold to prevent negative contribution margins. The breakdown can be set up to the ad group.

2.Forecasts of Sponsored Product Campaigns

Sellers can now launch new Sponsored Products campaigns with preset campaign settings such as daily budget, bid strategy, targeting strategy and associated bids, and receive estimated results for impressions, clicks, conversions, and more. With this feature, sellers get a list of products that Amazon says are suitable for advertising based on their potential.These pre-built campaign settings are based on historical data. New products (launched less than 90 days ago) are eligible, according to Amazon.

The addition of Experian Vehicle Purchase shows once again that Amazon is expanding further and further into a wide variety of industries and is putting out feelers beyond the traditional marketplace. In general, the Amazon Marketing Cloud as well as the DSP offer exciting possibilities to pull even more data and evaluations than in the advertising console. We will be watching with excitement to see how the two systems develop further and what analytics possibilities they offer in the future.

3. AB test new functions

Under the tab "Manage your experiments" will offered three new features that allow sellers to evaluate more aspects of your Product Detail Page via A/B testing. The 3 new features are as follows: Bullet points, Product description and Perform experiment to significance.

  • Bullet Points(SEO): Sellers can now test different specifications and orders for bullet points, as well as the inclusion of new keywords, and will be notified of what performs well.
  • The Product Description:Now sellers can test different versions of the product description and identify which information encourages customers to buy your product.

Seller could previously perform experiments only for a certain period of time. If you have a Experiment to significance If you select the option "until significance", AB Testing will continue until a content version reaches a significance value of 66 % or higher.

In our opinion, this news is very relevant, as it represents another option to optimize your own listing. From this, sellers can deduce which product features are most relevant for their customers and push them more strongly as keywords in advertising but also in both front-end and back-end SEO.

Table of contents


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