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1. better analysis of sponsor brand campaigns

Since recently, sales from sponsored brand campaigns can be assigned to individual products/ASINs. Previously, it was only possible to see the sales of the campaign, but not which products were ultimately purchased. The advertising report with the corresponding data can be found in the Advertising Console under the tab "Reports & Reporting → Sponsored Ads Reports → Create Report; Report Category: Sponsored Brands; Report Type: Assigned Purchases".

This feature allows sponsored brand campaigns to be analyzed and evaluated much more precisely. On the one hand, the report shows which of up to three advertised products is best received by customers. On the other hand, it is particularly exciting that the sales figures of non-advertised products (called "brand halo" in the report) are also listed. This is certainly particularly relevant for self-service campaigns that lead to the brand store. In addition to the pure sales figures, the number of orders and units as well as the share of new customers are also shown. 

2. display designs, video builder, shutterstock

In the last weeks and months there were some new features in the area of content creation and its management on Amazon. Among other things, images can be clearly managed in the display design assets area. Through the Video Builder and the connection through Shutterstock, content for sponsored brand or sponsored brand video campaigns, for example, can be created with relatively little effort compared to conventional shootings/video productions.

This is not classic news in the true sense of the word. However, the abundance of things that have changed in this area is worth reporting on again in a bundle. After we were able to test and use the innovations, we can definitely recommend using the new possibilities. Content creation and its management can definitely be simplified and made clearer. We would be happy to discuss how these options can be used individually.

3. more accurate display of ratings

Finally, this week there is a small change in how ratings are displayed on the respective search results pages. Previously, the decimal places of the respective ratings were rounded (for example, from 3.4 to 3.5 or from 4.8 to 5). Now, rounding is waived and the exact decimal place is displayed.

This change gives customers a more transparent view of exactly how a product was rated. This news can have a positive effect on products, which can easily stand out compared to competing products (previously the same view at 4.8 and 5.0). We assume that although this is a nice gimmick, it is not really relevant for click and conversion rates. 

Table of contents


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