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1. Last days of Christmas business

This year's Christmas business is in its final stages. As of today (21.12.), some items are still available until Christmas. As in previous years, products that will reach customers in time before Christmas Eve are advertised accordingly on the respective search results pages (see image). This makes it easier for customers to identify items that are suitable for last-minute Christmas deals.

In the last days before Christmas, there is a lot to do for our customers as well as for us as an agency. In addition to budget and bid optimization, it is also important to keep an eye on whether your own products can be delivered before Christmas. Experience shows that the performance of products that are not delivered in time for Christmas is worse compared to products that can be delivered in time. FBM resellers who are on vacation over the Christmas holidays and therefore cannot meet the regular delivery times are advised to activate the vacation mode in Sellercentral. Listings are no longer visible during this period, but bad seller ratings due to delayed delivery times can be avoided. Of course, this only applies if it is not possible to deliver at all. The vacation mode is usually associated with a massive loss in the bestseller ranking.

2. Sponsored Display Ads available in additional marketplaces

Sponsored Display campaigns are now available in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. This opens up new opportunities for sellers on these marketplaces to target customers. SDAs are particularly relevant for target group-specific and retargeting campaigns.

This news fits into the picture of the last few years. Amazon is investing more and more in the launch of new marketplaces. Since 2020 alone, eight countries in different regions of the world have been equipped with a country-specific marketplace. We recently reported in more detail on the general development of the different marketplaces, their relevance, and the next expansion plans in the following blog post:

3. New statistics available in the advertising console 

New statistics and filter options have recently become available in the advertising console. Among other things, it is possible to clearly display which campaigns exceed the daily budget at the current time or are about to exceed it. In addition, important metrics on the performance of vCPM campaigns with video ad format are now available. These include: Percentage of all users who watched the video either completely, three-quarters, halfway, or "only" to the first quartile, or time of sound activation.

With this new data, videos in particular can be analyzed much more effectively than before. It is a pity that this can only be viewed for vCPM campaigns so far. If this update should also be introduced for other campaign types, such as SB-V campaigns, this would certainly be relevant for more retailers. The new filter option for exhausted budgets allows especially merchants who actively work with lower daily budgets to monitor them more clearly and thus to increase budgets in a more targeted manner for campaigns that are running well. 

Table of contents


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1. last days of Christmas business This year's Christmas business is in its final stages. As of today (12/21), some items are still available until Christmas. Analogous to the last years products,