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1. Second Buybox

According to various reports, Amazon is planning to launch a second Buy Box field (shopping cart field) this summer to avoid a multi-billion dollar fine. The European Commission launched an investigation on Nov. 10, 2020, examining Amazon's criteria for selecting Buy Box winners:in. The specific allegation is that Amazon favors sellers when choosing the Buy Box if they use FBA, for example.

In our opinion, this news is very relevant, as sellers:ins that only offer shipping via FBM have better chances to get the Buybox. However, it should be noted that many potential buyer:s usually prefer products offered via FBA, as the delivery terms are usually more advantageous in this case. This change raises many questions regarding the design for advertising (Adspend Attribution on active ASIN?). Also, the decision criteria regarding the allocation of the second shopping cart field is not yet determined for us. Whether price, delivery terms, shipping method or the like....

2. Different display format in the advertising console

Some of our customers have noticed a new display format in the web console. Specifically, under the Campaigns tab, you can now display up to five different KPIs, such as spend, revenue, CTR, ACoS, clicks, etc. simultaneously in the graphical display. Previously, this was only the case for two metrics.

Viewing multiple metrics simultaneously makes it easier for sellers and vendors to interpret and assess their respective trends. In the past, they had to view different reports or graphs individually to gain a comprehensive understanding of their performance.

3. initial experience with SDA-V

A few weeks ago, we reported that you can now do context targeting for sponsored videos.

Based on our initial experience, it seems that SDA-Vs have higher CPC values compared to other Sponsored Display Ads. This campaign type also brings a high percentage of new customers to the listing. During the evaluation, we noticed that SDA-Vs are more promising for sellers or vendors where sponsored videos generally perform well.

In our opinion, it is a very strategic type of campaign.

It is important to make sure that the video content is suitable for an SDA ad when creating it. This means that the video should be short and highlight the most important (USPs) of the product. This way you can quickly and effectively communicate the benefits of the product to potential customers and encourage them to buy.

Table of contents


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