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1. Beta: Multiple images as slideshow in SB campaigns

There is currently a closed beta version for self-service campaigns on the US marketplace. Instead of the usual lifestyle image, several different images are displayed in a slideshow that customers can click through. This was exemplified by Jyoti Prakash Pradhan on Linkedin:

If this beta test is rolled out across the board, it would be an interesting change to the current self-service format. On the one hand, the slideshow function allows customers to interact with the display. On the other hand, customers can be shown several application possibilities and USPs of the products (without click and associated costs) through different displays. 

2. Shopping cart on the search results page

In some product categories and niches, it has recently become possible to add products to the shopping cart while still on the search results page. This can be observed especially in the nutritional supplements segment. How this looks exactly, you can see on the following screenshot:

This new presentation is particularly relevant for products that customers are looking for with a clear and conscious purchase interest and do not need any further information on the product detail page. This is possible, for example, with repeat purchases or strong brand loyalty. The advantage for customers is that the purchase process is completed more quickly. From the seller's point of view, this can of course save click costs for sponsored ads. It remains exciting to see whether this will continue to be displayed only in the existing categories or whether it will be played out across categories.

3. Link gallery images and customer images

In some branches, after the usual gallery images and product videos, a customer gallery is currently displayed. This contains all the images from the customer reviews. So far, we could only find this innovation in the mobile view. What this new form of display looks like is shown in the following screenshot:

In our opinion, it is a very strategic type of campaign.

It is important to make sure that the video content is suitable for an SDA ad when creating it. This means that the video should be short and highlight the most important (USPs) of the product. This way you can quickly and effectively communicate the benefits of the product to potential customers and encourage them to buy.

Table of contents


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