Amazon Paid Advertising Full Service Management 3

1x1 of Amazon Marketing

Amazon Advertising (PPC Advertising for Amazon)

At its core, the world of Amazon paid advertising consists of three major components. The largest and most important component is the Sponsored Product campaigns. Followed by the Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads.

SEO Optimization for Amazon (Organic Amazon Ranking Optimization)

With Amazon SEO optimization, your Amazon listing will be enriched with high-traffic keywords to be displayed in the top positions in your category or search.

Off-Amazon Marketing (marketing measures outside of Amazon)

If the traffic via the Amazon marketplace including the search function is no longer enough for you, you can also buy it directly via Amazon.

Paid Amazon Marketing (Amazon PPC)


Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products campaigns are Amazon's most widely used advertising format. SPA ads can be targeted to either search terms or product pages, and they appear on search results or product detail pages. This type of campaign is particularly suitable for those who want to increase the visibility of new, seasonal or best-selling or best-selling items, or to reduce excess inventory. But also for all other products this form of Amazon marketing offers a lot of advantages by increasing Increasing your sales on Amazon. A brand registry is not necessary for this advertising format. necessary.

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Amazon Sponsored Brands not only increase awareness of individual products, but put the focus on your brand and on a careful selection of your product portfolio. product portfolio. These personalized ads appear above the actual search search results and are an important tool to enhance your brand presence. Unlike Sponsored Products, there is - in addition to clicking on individual products, there is also the option to click on the brand logo and tagline to enter the Amazon Brand Store. The destination can be any custom landing page in the store. can be. Amazon Sponsored Brands are not only suitable for sales targets, but they also fulfill brand awareness tasks at the same time.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores offer you the possibility to create your own and individual brand landing page for free. There, merchants can showcase their entire product portfolio in one place on Amazon by creating multiple pages and categories with individual images, texts and videos according to their corporate design. A store builds brand awareness and brings Amazon shoppers closer to your brand story. Using a unique and easy-to-remember URL, you can also promote your personal store through marketing efforts outside of Amazon.

Organic Amazon Marketing (SEO for Amazon)


Brand Strategy

Amazon is a constantly growing platform with numerous competitors. Who wants to appear in the ranking on the Amazon product list must have their listings optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). (search engine optimization). Amazon SEO is carried out with your product and your target group in order to achieve a better ranking, higher ranking, higher click numbers and, as a result, greater sales. In order not to not to lose the user-friendliness, it requires a great deal of tact.

Organic boost through Amazon PPC

Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC are the two cornerstones of any marketing strategy. One conditions the other and vice versa. So there is an interaction between paid and organic Amazon marketing therefore interact - they influence each other. Products that are advertised can achieve a better organic ranking after a short time due to higher click numbers. achieve a better organic ranking after a short time. Conversely, sponsored products or sponsored brands are more successful if the products can already be found organically on the first results pages organically.

Off-Amazon Marketing

Those who have already implemented all Amazon marketing measures, but would like to generate even more traffic personalized Amazon display and video ads can also be played outside of Amazon. outside of Amazon. These ads appear not only on the Amazon platform as well as on Amazon devices (e.g. Fire TV Stick, kindle) and on websites within the Amazon network (e.g. Furthermore, the described advertising products from Amazon can be operated programmatically via the Amazon Demand Side (Amazon DSP). This gives advertisers with a certain budget the possibility of to communicate in a personalized way with several million customer accounts both inside and personalized communication.

Relevance and performance

The relevance and performance of your products are crucial for your ranking. For the former, product relevance under the targeted search terms is essential as a basis. indispensable. Building relevance with black socks under the keyword "red socks" will be difficult. will be difficult. In order to be convincing among the targets relevant to the product different factors such as product images, product titles, bullet points, etc. must be taken into account, product title, bullet points and product description must be actively influenced and adapted to the target adapted to the target group. Performance, in turn, is made up of sales history, conversion rate, click-through rate, price and many other factors. This can be decisively optimized by a good listing. In addition to these elements product reviews are of course also relevant. A better and more frequently rated product is usually also ranked better.