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Content is king" is the marketing industry's motto, and it's just as true in the Amazon world. Anyone who wants to impress on Amazon and stand out from the numerous competitors can no longer do without convincing content. Because only in this way
the target group can be effectively addressed via various forms of content. 

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Amazon Marketing News 34 - 51KW

1. last days of Christmas business This year's Christmas business is in its final stages. As of today (12/21), some items are still available until Christmas. Analogous to the last years products,

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Amazon Marketing News 33 - 50KW

1. search query download performance available A few weeks ago we had reported that the view: search query performance is viewable in some accounts of our customers. In this report you can

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Amazon Marketing News 32 - 49KW

1. better analysis of sponsored brand campaigns Since recently, sales of sponsored brand campaigns can be assigned to individual products/ASINs. Until now, it was only possible to see the sales of the campaign,

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