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1. reports on matching goals for merchants and sponsored display sellers.

Merchants and registered sellers can access the Matched Targets report via downloadable reports in the Amazon Ads console and the Amazon Ads API. What makes this report special is that advertisers now receive data on which ASINs and associated product detail pages their ads appeared for and resulted in at least one click. The data depth and quality has improved significantly due to this innovation, as you can now also analyze the result based on the specific product detail pages. 

It's really good that Amazon is gradually providing us with more data. Sponsored Display ads are being rolled out more and more - the new report helps marketers a lot to learn more about the playout location and to make SD ads even more effective and efficient.

2. "Shipping through Amazon" revenue calculator

The Revenue Calculator provides a good way to directly compare prices and profitability across Amazon Stores and "Shipping through Amazon" programs, such as Small and Light, Pan-European Shipping through Amazon, and the European Shipping Network. FBAers also have the option to compare FBA to FBM. FBMers, on the other hand, do not yet have this option. Furthermore, the revenue calculator can also be used to select optional services such as bag packaging and labeling and to adjust the sales tax.

The improvements to the "Shipping through Amazon" revenue calculator are quite impressive. Among other things, the VAT and some other costs can be taken into account. However, it is a pity that FBM sellers who would like to calculate an FBA alternative for their products cannot do so with the revenue calculator.

3rd slump in sales in the German retail sector 

Not only online retailing, but also the retail sector is facing major challenges. German retailers suffered an unexpectedly sharp drop in sales in April due to high inflation, with food retailing particularly hard hit with a decline of 7.7 percentage points. The reasons for this are increased food prices, a high inflation rate and delivery problems due to Corona in China. Retailers of toys and bicycles in particular are complaining about a lack of deliveries due to the closure of major ports in China.

We are certainly in a crisis situation at the moment, which does not stop at e-commerce. Nevertheless, I see an opportunity in every crisis and the e-commerce sector is well positioned for the future. It is important to understand that consumer-buyer and savings behavior has changed drastically compared to the previous year and in the current situation almost everyone is struggling with the consequences.

Table of contents

Amazon Weekly News 18 - 37KW

1. real-time sales viewable on Vendor Central Amazon provides the possibility for vendors to view sales on the hour of the day. Via the Reports → Retail Analytics tab, one can

Amazon Weekly News 19 - 36KW

1. multiple videos per product possible Amazon has provided the possibility to add multiple videos per product in the gallery view. Previously, a seller could integrate up to 2 videos in their view.

Amazon Weekly News 18 - 35KW

1. updated top ratings Initial situation: By default, eight top ratings or top reviews are displayed on an Amazon product page in the ratings. Since recently, these ratings consist mainly of current reviews. This has the logical consequence,

Amazon Weekly News 17 - 34KW

1. campaigns on the subject of starting school While this year's start of school has already taken place in some federal states, in other federal states (including Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria) school enrollment is scheduled for the coming weeks.

Amazon Weekly News 16 - 33KW

1. sponsored brand videos: More Slots per Page Amazon has now provided the ability to allocate multiple Sponsored Video slots. This gives advertisers the option to have their video ads for individual products