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1. new A/B test function + automated publishing

This week, new options for A/B testing functions were released. Previously, product title, product image as well as A+ product description could be tested on different versions via "Manage Experiments" in Seller Central. Added to this were variation options for bullet points and product description. In addition, there is now the option to automatically publish the successful version (66% better than comparison content) for title and image experiments.

The additional content for the A/B testing features is a nice addition to this service. Especially for the bullet points, we expect more possibilities to find the optimal content for the respective products through tests. Until now, the better variant had to be selected manually after the end of an A/B test. Automated adoption of the more successful version can save some manual work and speed up the process.

2nd Prime Day Early Access Sale

Recently, there have been many rumors if and when a second Prime Day will take place this year. This week, Amazon has now clarified the situation and announced the "Prime Exclusive Offers" event for October 11 and 12. According to Amazon, there will be thousands of offers across all product categories as part of this campaign.

We are happy to announce that after long rumors, the date of the Prime Autumn Event has finally been set. Such promotional periods classically ensure higher traffic and an increase in sales on the platform. The Prime Day event is an Amazon exclusive discount battle. Those who have not yet submitted any Prime deals for this event will have the opportunity to offer their products at a reduced price via Prime discounts. Preparations for the campaign period are in full swing and we are looking forward to the coming weeks. If you have any questions about offers and the event, please contact our account management.

3. fee change for sales tax services

The rising costs and price increases in everyday life do not stop at Amazon services. After an increase in prices from multichannel shipping was announced last week, the sales tax service will now also be adjusted on October 1. This service can currently be used for seven European marketplaces (DE, UK, FR, IT, ES, PL, CZ). Currently the VAT registration fee is initially 50€ per country. In addition, there is a total monthly fee for filing VAT returns, which starts at 33€ for one country and becomes cheaper for each additional country. For five to seven countries, the fee is a maximum of 143€ by the end of the month.

The increase in the various services is naturally an additional burden for the dealers. Due to the generally tense economic situation and the price increases in almost all areas, adjustments in the cost structure were to be expected.

Amazon has not yet specifically communicated what the new cost structure will look like. Various news portals are circulating different reports about it, some of which contradict each other. As soon as we have official figures on the new cost model, we will communicate this via this format.

Table of contents

Amazon Marketing News 34 - 51KW

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