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Significantly increase the CTR of sponsored brands campaigns with Creatives?

We explain you how!

SB header images enable us, in the course of sponsored brands campaigns, to pick up the customer directly at the beginning of the search results page with target group-specific creatives. The lifestyle images used here should best show the product in use or in a suitable setting. They should clearly stand out from the gallery images and make the product more approachable. For the icing on the cake, these creatives can be customized for different search queries.


The images must not contradict the landing page to which the traffic of the advertising campaign is directed. Also, creatives must be high resolution, high quality and aesthetically pleasing. For images, the following is not allowed and should be observed in order for the campaigns to be approved:

  • Display single or multiple product images against a solid color or transparent background.
  • Use of individual brand logos or a combination of logos.
  • Using one of your selected product images.
  • Use of cluttered, exaggerated, poorly tailored, or illegible elements.
  • Use of additional text other than that contained naturally on the image (e.g., on product packaging).
  •  Use of letterbox or pillarbox formats

Image specifications

It's best to make sure you include and prepare the formats and requirements accordingly during photo shoots or in briefings to your designer.

Image size: 1,200 x 628 px or larger

File size: 5 MB maximum

File format: PNG, JPG or GIF

Content: No text, graphics or logos have been added to the image

Display Design Assets

Save and organize

In Ad Design Assets, files can be uploaded and organized in a central location for use in Amazon Advertising campaigns. Submit the content for ad policy moderation so that it can be used.

Effortlessly reuse content

Use content uploaded when creating a campaign or editing the store that has already been reviewed.

Find content quickly

Filter your search results to save time when searching for content you've already used.


Depending on the product and search query, your creative should be carefully chosen to appeal to the target group. In the following best practice examples, we show you how you can best implement this.

1. point out the problem

Use your SB header image to address the specific problem that can be solved with your product. In this way, you make your product approachable and pick up the customer directly. For example, if you are selling a wasp spray, it is a good idea to show a scene at the dining table with a wasp. This way you present your product as a problem solution.

2. address different purchase intensions

Match the SB header images to the different purchase intentions. For a pizza stone that can be used both in the oven and on the grill, both uses can be atmospherically represented individually. For the search term "pizza stone oven", the SB header image can depict use in an oven. For the search term "pizza stone for grill", on the other hand, a grill can be shown in a summery atmosphere.

Pizza stone
Pizza stone oven
Pizza stone grill

3. show product in setting/application

To address the needs of potential customers more quickly, it is advisable to show the product in the setting or in use. This makes the use of the product directly obvious without even having to read the title. Since attention is generated more quickly for the product in question, experience shows that the CTR of the campaigns also increases.

4. show use/make product application understandable

Use the Sponsored Brands Creative to make the use of your product clear. Especially for products that require explanation, this is a great opportunity to show potential customers how to use the product. For example, if you're selling a wart concealer spray, you can use the space to explain how it works or provide application instructions. This picks up the viewer directly on their need, which in turn increases the likelihood of a quick purchase.

5. show product in hand

Images that merely show the product against a solid color background make it difficult for the viewer to visualize the product's sizing. However, since no additional text may be placed in the self-service header images, no size information can be provided. To make the product size nevertheless visible, it is a good idea to show the product in the hand. This does not require a professional model and the potential customers get a better feeling for the product.

6. convince with results

For some products, it is a good idea to show the viewers directly the results that can be achieved with the help of your product. This way you let the results speak for themselves and create an incentive to buy.

7. in case of multiple products: Show selection and redirect to corresponding landing page

Show the different choices of your product in the creatives. For example, if you sell a rice stove in different colors, it's a good idea to show them in the header to appeal to a larger target audience. This way you can avoid that your creative is not clicked only because of the color shown. With your SB header image, you can then redirect to the corresponding product subpage, which shows all available colors.

8. clarify proportions and use

Make sure that you present your product in a realistic size ratio. In this way, you offer potential customers an optimal basis for information. For example, you can show the product worn or in combination with known measurements (hands, shoes, T-shirt) - this prevents misunderstandings and wrong purchase decisions and at the same time reduces the return rate.

9. adjust to the season

Depending on the season, the focus should be on the current need. For example, if you sell a cleaning product that is suitable for both the grill and the oven, you should adapt the content of your SB header images to the seasons. Thus, in summer, the focus should be on cleaning grills. In winter, on the other hand, the product should be positioned in the Creatives more as an oven cleaner.

10. map sets/bundles as gift

If you sell your products as a set or bundle, you should place them especially on gift search terms in the SB header. For example, if customers are looking for a Mother's Day gift, you already communicate in the creatives that you offer the perfect set/bundle. This makes it easier for the viewer, as they no longer have to put together their own set and thus save time and effort.

11. customize on events

Customize your SB header images for events like Prime day, Easter, Christmas, etc. If you have deals on certain events like Easter, you can generate additional attention by adding small details to the event in the header. Since self-service headers take up a lot of space, especially in the mobile version, and customers are often on the go when hunting for bargains, you can use this self-service header to pick up the customer even more.

The motto is quite clear: Check your SB campaigns on Creatives! You don't have any deposited yet? Then it's high time!

Do you have more questions about SB header images?

Feel free to contact our content team leader Romea Nass.  


Table of contents


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