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The Swedish marketplace

Amazon is always looking to expand its trading area by opening new marketplaces. From Poland and the Czech Republic to Turkey and Sweden - over a period of time, Amazon has opened various new marketplaces. But due to this large number in the past year, many sellers did not have the opportunity to get detailed insights into each marketplace. Thus, the Swedish marketplace has also been affected. However, from an agency's point of view, Sweden offers many attractive reasons for entering a new market, so this article will describe the potential that the Swedish marketplace can offer its sellers.

The potential of the Swedish marketplace and the advantages of establishing yourself as a seller there as quickly as possible 

The e-commerce industry is of great importance in Sweden. 94% of the population in Sweden use the Internet, and 85% use it for online shopping, which is the highest figure in Europe. The total market volume amounts to 9.8 billion euros for the year 2022.

As in any other new market, being among the first to establish yourself there has many positive effects. First of all, the competitive situation is manageable. This is because compared to the other already established European marketplaces like Germany or France, there are not that many products being advertised there. This means that you can influence your overall ranking, both from an advertising and organic perspective. Through targeted advertising, it is much easier to achieve higher organic rankings than on other established marketplaces with many listings. Combine this specific type of advertising with a fully optimized listing and your product will have a smooth market entry. A fully optimized listing includes search engine optimization in terms of indexing and country specific content.

What are the detailed specifications for a seller?

In addition to a good start and an optimized listing, there is also detailed information for sellers on the Swedish marketplace.

So you have to pay VAT if your annual turnover reaches or exceeds 32.000€ or 320.000 KR. All other sales tax details are the same as on the other European marketplaces. One difference to the German marketplace is, for example, that there is no call-to-order with other competitors. Violations are punished by the consumer protection authority.

In terms of logistical aspects and distribution, the Swedish marketplace differs from other marketplaces. There could be problems with delivery times due to the lower population density. But as is already known, Amazon always invests money in the infrastructure for the respective country. An example of this would be that there is already an FBA warehouse near Stockholm. Sellers should therefore take advantage of this development and consider it when thinking about expanding to the Swedish market.

What tools are unlocked in the marketplace?

As for advertising, you can only set up sponsored product and brand campaigns. Sponsored display ads are currently not available.

Other helpful functions within Seller Central such as Brand Analytics or Statistics and Reports have been unlocked. However, new functions such as the Product Opportunity Explorer (POE), which is used to monitor the development of search volume, have not yet been released in Sweden.

All in all, the Swedish marketplace offers a good chance for a quick market establishment. Despite the lack of sponsored display ads, you can target customers with any other campaign type. The chance to rank higher is also particularly attractive due to the smaller number of listings compared to the established European marketplaces. If your keyword research is right, your offer is optimized correctly and logistical aspects are clarified from the beginning, you will have a lot of fun with this marketplace.

PS: Be sure to post products that have something to do with the Swedish way of life, such as Viking products.

Do you have more questions about the Swedish marketplace?

Feel free to get in touch with our account management team leader Maximilian Bossert  


Table of contents


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