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Amazon Advertising 2021 Features & Updates

A summary


Where do you start, where do you stop? An eventful year is coming to an end and we dare to take a little look back! 

There were plenty of changes in the analysis options and the advertising orientations alone. The advertising reports, for example, got additional analysis types. In addition to Sponsored Product campaigns, Sponsored Brand & Sponsored Display Ads can now be analyzed more precisely. This makes it easier to break down performance into different factors and manage them better. 

There were also some innovations in the advertising campaigns themselves, which we would like to discuss in more detail in this blog post. 

Sponsored Brands

Landing pages for Sponsored Brands campaigns will only redirect to the Amazon Store, Store Highlights or product listing pages as of June 30, 2021. Previous custom landing pages can no longer be used as such. So you should convert them to product listing pages or design a custom Amazon Store for your brand.

You can also store, manage, and reuse your branded content, such as logos or images, in the Creative Asset. This allows you to create a holistic and consistent shopping experience for your customers. Through the Creative Asset or Ad Content, you can upload and manage files for Amazon Advertising and Amazon Shopping pages through tags and products. In the U.S., Amazon has even gone so far as to offer services in the content area (photography, videography,...) on various model types. If and when this will also happen in Europe will be possible is still unclear. One thing is certain, however, when the time comes, this will represent strong competition for some service providers. 

Sponsored Display Ads (DSP)

DSP campaigns help you build and apply a consistent image of your brand throughout and drive your branding. Here, too, things have changed in 2021:

From a simple retargeting variant to audience targeting and new cost types, we had the biggest jump in this form of advertising in 2021. You can now place a retargeting target on product views or purchases and control them with different lookback windows. In addition, the target groups can tap into four audience areas. 

  1. In-market target groups (last purchases and product category)
  2. Lifestyle (customer behavior across various platforms on and off Amazon).
  3. Interests (insights into what customers frequently browse and purchase).
  4. Life events (shows relevant products based on life moments)


There was an extension of the custom lookback period of the Sponsored Display target groups beyond the previously existing 30 days limit. Now, the campaigns can be extended after Call 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days retrospectively or when remarketing after Purchases even 7, respectively 14, 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days can be switched. 

Advertising hereby becomes more and more precisely scalable and offers different bidding strategies on target KPI's (conversion, page visitors,...) and cost types (CPM, CPC).

Budgeting for sponsored product campaigns

Equally new and just as exciting are the budgets in the advertising console. We can use the dashboard to track not only whether campaigns are efficiently maxing out their budgets, but also whether they are being used up early. Furthermore, budget rules with predetermined metrics can be used to control performance for desired time periods and target values such as RCAS, ACOS, CTR or CR. Especially on high-traffic days, their use is a good tool for cost and efficiency control. 

To round it off, there is another tab in which all alignments are displayed bundled. In this tab, it is easy to see where sales are generated across campaigns. In addition, cost-driving alignments are identified at an early stage and can be adjusted to the selected strategies.

Other changes at a glance

  • You can manage A/B testing for the title and the main image yourself via Seller Central under the ,,Experiments" tab. 
  • Metrics such as new customer orders and their percentage of sales are now measurable. This information offers great advantages, especially in branding and new customer acquisition. 
  • Amazon opened up further marketplaces in Sweden, Poland, Egypt and Turkey and is thus driving forward its internationalization. Whether these marketplaces are promising will become clear in 2022.

We are excited to see what news, enhancements and changes are in store for us again this year.  


Be always up-to-date about new features and Amazon updates! In our NEWSLETTER we will inform you about all important innovations.


Table of contents


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