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Generating and retaining customers, ensuring that existing customers are happy and stay that way, and increasing general awareness and satisfaction - these are all the tasks of Sales & Marketing. How this works for us, which strategies and possibilities we use and which tools and platforms offer us terrific support, you can find here.

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Black Friday

Black Friday - Last Minute Tips

Black Friday - Last Minute Tips Soon it's that time again: Black Friday is just around the corner! On Amazon, the fourth quarter is the strongest sales time of the year. This is due to

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Black Friday - Recap

Black Friday - Recap "Planning without execution is mostly useless - execution without planning is mostly fatal." - Willy Maurer In our last blog post, we shared 4 tips for Black Friday with

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DSP advertising on Amazon

DSP ADVERTISING ON AMAZON PPC advertising eventually reaches its limit and reaches fewer new customers than you would like. The very fact that it is based on the customers' search and purchase intention is

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