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Negative product targeting

Negative product targeting makes it possible to specify negative ASINs in automatic campaigns in order to refine the campaigns. By excluding unwanted targets and products, it is not only possible to minimize expenses, but also to increase sales.

But what exactly is negative product targeting?

Negative product alignments are similar to negative keywords. Through the negative Product targeting can be defined in automatic campaigns, for which products and ASIN's the ad not are to be played out.

This offers the possibility of being able to exclude a listing with incorrect or poor content for a specific product. Negative product targeting is thus an exclusion procedure for selected ASINs.

How do you use negative product targeting correctly?

First of all, you need to know what product targeting is. On the one hand, product targeting is a great advertising tool to draw attention to your own brand among competing products. On the other hand, it can also be used to protect your own listing. Here, the display of ads can be refined according to rating, brand, price and shipping option. You can find more information about product targeting under the following link: .

The negative product targeting on the other hand, offers the possibility to exclude certain ads from the organic search results if they either do not match the product in terms of content or do not achieve a good conversion. To improve the evaluation and to avoid overlaps, you can additionally use negative product targeting to exclude targets from the manual campaigns in the auto campaigns.

When do I set ASIN's negative?

In order to decide when an ASIN is set to negative, a certain period of time must first be specified. Here we recommend to select the maximum selectable period - this is 65 days. Subsequently, the ASIN's can be filtered by different categories, such as: Clicks, Spend or ACOS.

For example, if you have a lot of clicks but no sales on an ASIN, this ASIN can be switched off, as it is irrelevant and only leads to unnecessary expenses. Likewise, it makes sense to set all ASINs negatively, which have nothing to do with the respective product category.

Negative product targeting

Due to this, we recommend setting ASIN's negative on a regular basis, as this will make automatic campaigns more profitable and performance will not be affected by avoidable expenses.

Table of contents


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