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Product targeting

Internal data from Amazon shows that approx. 45 % of all sales on Amazon are made via product detail pages. This shows the enormous potential that product targeting holds for sellers.
But what is product targeting exactly?
In addition to keywords, there is the option of having Sponsored Product Ads as well as Sponsored Display Ads appear on the basis of ASINs. This is the so-called product targeting, also called product targeting.
Two different possibilities can be distinguished here:
   1) ASIN Targeting
   2) Targeting category
What exactly these options mean in each case, we will explain in more detail below:


ASIN Targeting

Competitor advertising

Instead of keywords, products or ASINs are selected as targets. An ad is displayed on the product detail page of the selected ASIN or on the search results page. The latter, however, only if the respective ASIN is listed on the first page among the organic search results. In any case, the top competitors should be selected for this purpose, because product targeting is a suitable advertising tool for drawing attention to one's own brand among competitor products. This can be achieved by sellers placing product targeting on product detail pages of their competitors.

Protect listing

To protect your own listing, you can also target your own ASINs. This prevents a competitor from displaying an ad on our product detail page and a potential buyer spontaneously deciding to buy a similar or cheaper product from the competitor.

Furthermore, sponsored product campaigns can be used for cross-selling with a focus on the company's own products and can advertise and place other products from the company's own range. To do this, you place complementary products under your own listing and thus occupy the slots.


Category Targeting

Instead of the individual competitor ASINs, industry-specific categories can also be selected. The main difference is therefore that the retailer cannot determine for himself which ASIN he wants to target in detail. However, the principle is the same as with the previously described ASIN targeting. The ad is displayed either on the product detail page of a product in the corresponding category or on the search results page. The latter, however, only if ASIN's of the selected category are organically placed on the first search results page.

The category correspond to those that a user can select next to the search input field on the Amazon home page. Category targeting is especially useful for products that are more likely to be purchased while browsing, such as fashion items or gifts.

The use of the targeting category is particularly useful for new products that have not yet been searched for with their own keywords and can therefore be used especially during a product launch.

Although no individual ASIN's can be selected, there is the option to refine the categories by further criteria and thus further narrow down the targeted products.

These criteria are: 

  • Reviews: Here, the very well rated products are targeted to lower rated products of the competitor.
  • Shipping options: Since Prime shipping is popular with shoppers and thus provides a competitive advantage for sellers, it makes sense to target Prime products to products without Prime shipping.
  • Price: Price is still one of the most important purchasing criteria. Therefore, the rather inexpensive products should be targeted here to more expensive products from other suppliers.
  • Brand: It is possible to select specific brand names. This can be used by targeting branded products to comparable branded products from other providers. In this way, potential buyers are shown equivalent product alternatives.


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Table of contents


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