We help with all problems around Amazon and Seller Central. This includes account lockouts, product unlocks, transfer errors from backend to frontend, problems with the brand registry, complications with product variants and much more.


Account reactivation

Amazon seller accounts are suspended for many different reasons. However, the consequences are the same in every case: the sale is suspended and you don't get your payouts!

Possible reasons for account deactivations:

  • Problems with the verification process
  • Incorrect tax data
  • Incorrect procedure for name changes
  • Multiple seller accounts
  • Non-compliance with product
  • Trademark infringement
  • Too high rate of order defects

To reactivate the account and sell it again, you need to know exactly what to do! 90% of the sellers whose accounts are suspended go about it the wrong way, making their situation worse to begin with.
We have experience with suspended accounts and can assist even when the problem is obviously with Amazon and not the seller.

Product activations and unlocks

If an article has been hidden or deactivated by Amazon, no sales are generated for the first time, which in turn leads to a drop in ranking and a lack of sales. Just as with a blocked account, speed and know-how are also required here to keep the damage as low as possible.
When it comes to product deactivations and account deactivations, the following applies: Quality before quantity!

Reasons for closures:

Reasons in percent:

e.g. due to goods delivered late over a longer period of time

e.g. due to lack of precautions before opening a new vendor account

e.g. due to the missing submission of necessary business documents

e.g. missing tracking numbers for orders


Action Plan

Action plans are required not only for suspensions, but also for many other violations. These are usually to be taken very seriously, otherwise blockings will follow. 
Here, too, quality and precision count. 


Possible reasons for action plans:

  • Poor shipping KPIs (own shipping and Prime By Seller)
  • Linking to other marketplaces / online stores 
  • Violations of the sales policy
  • Violation of information obligations


Product database & product maintenance

Who doesn't know it: You want to make a simple change, like that of a product title or a variant family - but it doesn't work.

Conflicts with existing Amazon data, problems with product variants and their display, incorrect product images or product categories and data transfer errors occur very frequently.

Instead of aggravating yourself with Amazon Support, proper handling of flat files, SellerCentral and variant relationships is preferable, with which the chances of success for the changes are higher.