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Amazon Stores

Amazon Store offers every brand manufacturer the opportunity to present their products free of charge in their own brand store on Amazon. This is structured like a small online store and contains an overview of all products of your brand. 

How do shoppers discover a store?

Branded stores are not immediately recognizable and cannot be found by chance. This is because the Amazon search bar is not designed to display Amazon stores in the search results. Nevertheless, there are of course several ways to get to a store.
As an Amazon Seller you can use  Sponsored Brands Campaigns link directly to your store. When the customer clicks on the ad, he is automatically redirected to the corresponding subpage in the store. 
Another way to get to a store is via the brand byline. The link to the store is located directly under the title on the product detail page. Users are redirected directly to the home page of the store.  
A store can additionally be linked outside of Amazon. For example on the own website or on social media, where users can use their own advertising address from an Amazon URL such as can easily be redirected to the store on Amazon.
The Amazon Store can also be accessed via the Google search results page be found. Due to Google indexing, it is therefore also advisable to pay attention to relevant meta descriptions and generally good SEO optimization when creating a store.
Additionally, to generate even more brand loyalty, shoppers can also share the store on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.
It should also be mentioned that Amazon stores are also displayed on mobile devices, be it in the app or on the web. Therefore, when creating the store, you should make sure that it is displayed in the right format on mobile devices as well.

What other advantages does an Amazon Store offer?

The Store Insights dashboard provides a comprehensive understanding of store-related sales. It illustrates important factors such as the daily number of visitors, page views, and all traffic sources.
In addition, an Amazon Store offers the opportunity to highlight special features of your brand through individual and appealing content. An optimal combination of images and text can significantly improve the shopping experience of store visitors.
The store offers potential customers the opportunity to obtain even more information about your products. Therefore, especially products in need of explanation and their application find additional space here.
Another advantage of Amazon stores is that existing customers can be made aware of additional products and potential customers can get an initial overview of the product range.
Amazon stores are also suitable for promoting active deals. You have the possibility to Deal Widgets to your store, which advertise the current offers. This can increase the visibility of the deal products and have a positive impact on sales, especially on special events like Prime Day or Cyber Week.

How do landing pages convert best?

Basically, it is important to build a store well from the beginning. Through a structured design, appropriate linking and guidance through the store, the customer can easily find his way around and is encouraged to buy additional products. No matter on which landing page the customer lands, he should immediately know what it is about, what the product brings him and how he can purchase it quickly and easily. For the last point, eye-catching call-to-actions are a good choice. Especially for sponsored brands campaigns, the navigation and thus the division of the product range into corresponding store categories or subpages plays a major role. If product-specific search terms are directed to a subpage with twenty different products from other categories, the customer will not feel that his product search has been taken care of and will leave the store again immediately.
Why? The customer previously sees nineteen other products that do not correspond to his purchase intention and it is very likely that he has neither time nor desire to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the product he is looking for.
The quicker and less complicated it is for the customer in his product search, the higher the probability that he will buy the product.

Who can create stores?

Stores can now be set up in many different countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and the USA. Amazon vendors have been able to set up stores for quite some time. Sellers, on the other hand, must first register their brand in the Amazon brand register. Setting up a store is free of charge for both sellers and vendors. 

How is a store created?

  1. The setup is done in self-service via the so-called Store Builder
  2. With the help of ready-made templates or drag-and-drop tiles, categories can then be created for the respective products
  3. To make the store look appealing, individual images, videos and texts can be added
  4. Lastly, the store is submitted in Amazon and checked within 24h
And you're ready to go!

Table of contents


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