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The potential of the Amazon eCommerce platform is enormous and will continue to grow in the future. At the same time, sales on Amazon are becoming more and more challenging and complex.

In order to leverage these possible potentials, enormous expertise is required. Companies without this expertise do not use the potentials and therefore leave the possible turnover to the competition. With our PPC Services, you can make optimal use of these potentials.

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What our customers say:

  • Hr. Patrik
    TOP service We were very skeptical at first, but we were surprised with a top customer service and result. Can only recommend it.
    Hr. Patrik
  • Mr. Hochstadt
    We see that our sales figures have increased from month to month so far and that our performance is also improving.
    Mr. Hochstadt
  • Mr. Baron von Maydell
    With efly we were able to reduce our advertising costs from 100% on average to 25% with the same sales. Organic rankings are the foundation for a sustainable business.
    Mr. Baron von Maydell
  • Really great, we are all very satisfied, including our colleagues. Let's see what else is going on in the USA!
    Mr. Janssens
    Crebus GmbH
  • Thanks to efly-amz I was able to quintuple my turnover within 5 weeks while maintaining profitability. All my products now rank better!
    Mr. Holt

International Experts

As Amazon agency for English dealers who also sell the PAN European marketplaces ES, IT, FR and GE, we have Spanish, Italian, French and German speaking Amazon experts in our team, if desired also native speakers. Thus we have already managed to double the turnover of the dealers several times by integrating the European marketplaces for the dealers. Some of these dealers still ship from English Amazon warehouses and do not use PAN EU.

From practice

As Amazon PPC Agency we cannot allow ourselves to test changes of Amazon and newest strategies with our customers and have therefore registered 4 own brands in the PAN EU marketplaces, which realize monthly six-digit sales.

Enormous growth

On the basis of our perfected concepts and strategies that have been tried and tested in practice, our many years of experience combined with continuous testing and precision, we achieve enormous growth rates with our customers. This applies to 1 man private label companies, established brands or 8 digit marketplace dealers. Growth has been successfully achieved with all these company sizes.

Personal Amazon consultant & highest transparency

With us, you get both a personal Amazon consultant who stands by your side 24/7 with the highest level of competence and the highest level of transparency with regular detailed reporting.

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