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Germany's leading Amazon PPC agency


The potential you can achieve with the help of an Amazon PPC agency and the Amazon platform is enormous. The signs of the future are also pointing to growth. At the same time, selling on Amazon for brands is becoming increasingly challenging and complex due to the competitive situation. Professional support from experienced Amazon experts is therefore becoming increasingly important for many brands and retailers.

With a strong agency like eFly-amz as partner for your Amazon Marketing you can fully exploit the sales potential of your products and do not leave market shares to the competition. As a leading Amazon specialist agency, we will look after your Amazon PPC advertising and help you with internationalization.

We are Amazon PPC experts, you are masters of your trade.

Together we reach new milestones.

The Amazon PPC agency eFly-amz in numbers


In our five-year existence we have grown with our customers to a leading Amazon PPC agency in the German-speaking world. The numbers speak for themselves!



"We see our customers as long-term partners. Only as partners we can celebrate success together!"



What our clients say:

As a specialized agency for Amazon PPC Advertising, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why we work on a success basis, which means: Only when our customers have a reason to celebrate, do we also celebrate!


  • Claudia Schon
    With Moritz Heller & his team I know a trustworthy, competent and reliable partner at my side, who has restructured, professionally set up and launched our presence on Amazon and now looks after it for us at the highest level. Since we have no idea whatsoever about the "Amazon business", a service provider with a high level of core competence is an absolute must for us to be successful there.
    Claudia Schon
    Head of ECOtanka Europe
  • Thanks to efly-amz I was able to quintuple my turnover within 5 weeks while maintaining profitability. All my products now rank better!
    Mr. Holt
  • Really great, we are all very satisfied, including our colleagues. Let's see what else is going on in the USA!
    Mr. Janssens
    Crebus GmbH
  • Mr. Baron von Maydell
    With efly we were able to reduce our advertising costs from 100% on average to 25% with the same sales. Organic rankings are the foundation for a sustainable business.
    Mr. Baron von Maydell
  • Mr. Hochstadt
    We see that our sales figures have increased from month to month so far and that our performance is also improving.
    Mr. Hochstadt
  • Hr. Patrik
    TOP service We were very skeptical at first, but we were surprised with a top customer service and result. Can only recommend it.
    Hr. Patrik


Why you should choose eFly-amz

A good mixture of many years of experience, intensive testing with our own brands, innovative pilot projects overseas and constantly updated know-how in Amazon PPC make us the best choice for your company. It's not for nothing that companies and brands all over the world entrust us with monthly ad spendings (advertising expenses for Amazon) of over 1.000.000 €.

International Amazon PPC Agency

As an Amazon agency for German merchants who also sell on the PAN European marketplaces (ES, IT, FR and UK), we have multilingual Amazon experts in our team and can cover the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French and English - if desired, your Amazon PPC Advertising can also be managed by a native speaker. By expanding to European marketplaces, it is not uncommon for merchants to double their sales - compared to merchants who continue to ship from Amazon's German warehouses.

Enormous growth thanks to Amazon advertising

With perfected and field-tested Amazon PPC concepts and strategies, a five-fold increase in sales with the same profitability is not uncommon. This is true regardless of the size of the company and can be realized by the Amazon PPC agency for both the 1-man private label and established brands without any problems.

Personal Amazon consultant & highest transparency

Amazon PPC consulting and support is always provided by a personal contact person who is available to you 24/7 with the highest level of competence and our entire know-how. Mutual trust is especially important to us. Therefore, we create absolute transparency for our work with regular reports.

International Amazon Agency for USA & Australia

After various successful projects with PPC campaigns in the USA and Australia, we have been helping our customers to develop new international customer groups since 2019. As an international Amazon PPC agency, we therefore manage PPC campaigns on the Amazon marketplaces in the USA (.com) and Australia ( The sales potential of these marketplaces exceeds that from Germany many times over and opens up new, undreamt-of possibilities for the Amazon vendor. Amazon Marketing Case Studies

We love results! Read Moritz Heller's case studies to find out what opportunities can arise for you with professional support from our Amazon PPC agency eFly-amz.


An extract from our references

These and many other customers trust in our know-how as an Amazon agency with PPC specialization.


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    The support by our Amazon PPC agency in 7 steps

    1. Free initial consultation and introduction to your Amazon
    During your free initial consultation with us, we will discuss all the necessary information about your brand, your products and your previous experiences on the Amazon platform. The conversation forms the basis for all further steps in the creation, support and/or optimization of your Amazon PPC Advertising. It does not matter whether you already have experience with advertising on Amazon or not. The more information we get at the beginning about your company, the profitability of your products, your previous efforts and the market as well as the direct competition on Amazon, the faster your Amazon experts can get started.
    2. Situation analysis as the basis for your PPC campaigns
    Based on the information collected in the initial interview, a detailed situation analysis by your Amazon PPC agency will begin. During this process, we take a close look at your listings on Amazon. Your Amazon Seller Shop, your products and the Amazon ranking of your category will be analyzed. Of course, a detailed market and competition analysis of your industry is also carried out. In doing so, your competitors and the general market situation are examined. Thus we receive comprehensive information about the price structure, the Amazon keywords used and the saturation of the niche.
    3. We find out with Amazon PPC Tools, what is searched
    Afterwards we will conduct an Amazon keyword research. With the help of modern software we find exactly the Amazon keywords that are suitable for your products. Because without the right search terms, it is not possible to place successful SPA (Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, today Sponsored Products) and HSA (Headline Search Ads, today Sponsored Brands). We take a holistic approach, i.e. we find all relevant keywords and put them in the right context with your products. With sponsored products, very good Amazon rankings can be achieved within a short time for keywords that are already organically occupied by competitors. Furthermore, this lever can be used to increase both sales and profits very quickly.
    4. The strategy development for your advertisement on Amazon
    Without a target-oriented Amazon strategy, no success will be achieved in the long term. That is exactly why we develop an action plan for all further steps in Amazon Advertising and coordinate it with you before the work on the PPC campaigns begins. The strategy brings together all the findings from the situation analysis, the Amazon keyword analysis and economic key figures such as the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale). It represents all the points that we as Amazon PPC agency and you as an Amazon retailer jointly agree on. We believe in this approach because we stand for highest transparency and are sure that success can only be achieved together with our customers.
    5. The Amazon PPC Agency starts working on its campaigns
    There is a wide range of options and specifications that have to be considered. For example, the cost per click, the budget (per day, per week, per month, per product, etc.) as well as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) defined in the strategy, such as ACoS, the conversion rate and many more. Furthermore, it must be decided whether to work with automatic or manual campaigns. After individual and close coordination with you, your sponsored products or sponsored brands will be created according to our proven success factors and your specifications.
    6. Ongoing optimization of your Amazon PPC campaigns
    The competition never sleeps, therefore a permanent Amazon account management is of high importance. That's why our PPC experts work on your campaigns and ads every day. Insights gained from well-running campaigns are transferred to other campaigns, while campaigns that run less well are always revised or switched off. In this way, we can ensure that your expenses and income are always within the agreed range and that you achieve an optimal result.
    7. Maximum transparency through regular reporting
    Our work should not be an inscrutable black box for you. Therefore, you will receive regular reporting of the results of your campaigns according to your wishes. Of course, we also closely coordinate with you which reports and KPIs are used in these reports. In this way, we want to contribute to transparency and provide you with an effective instrument for monitoring the success of your Amazon PPC agency.
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